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Lounge Review: Aeromexico Salon Premier Mexico City Airport (MEX) Terminal 2

I visited this Aeromexico lounge first during my layover since I was flying Aeromexico. When I arrived at 6am on a Friday, the lounge was quite crowded with most seats taken, although it cleared out a bit within 15 minutes.

The lounge is essentially a larger room with a smaller offshoot. It’s honestly tiny given that MEX is a hub for Aeromexico. Similar to US domestic lounges, it honestly doesn’t offer much to passengers.

people sitting at a bar
a group of people sitting in chairs in a room with a television
a row of chairs in a room
Counter seating (too) close to food
a room with black chairs and a lamp
a room with tables and chairs
a glass door with a massage chair in front of it

The food options for breakfast were not great. A couple of pastries, fruit, yogurt, and cereals is all you’ll get. I did like that they had papaya, though, as at least it’s better than the sad melon melange you usually find in US lounges.

a table with plates of bread and a basket of bread
Breakfast buffet
a breakfast buffet with cereal and juice
Breakfast buffet
a table with food on it
Breakfast buffet
a refrigerator with bottles of beer
a refrigerator full of drinks
a shelf of beverages and drinks

The other thing I liked about the lounge (there honestly wasn’t much) was that they had a whole bunch of coconut water. Perfect after a dehydrating flight. Aeromexico also offers coconut water in flight (and there were ads played on my flight for the brand that they carry).

All in all, not a lounge worth visiting.



  1. They only thing I would add is that people were sleeping in the side rooms putting 2 of the black chairs together.
    The Lima lounge had better food selection and about 15-20 recliners. When we visited the Lima lounge all the recliners were taken with people sleeping. The orange juice squeezing machine was busy and people seemed fascinated watching it make fresh squeezed juice lol. But it was slightly smaller

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