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Lounge Review: Primeclass Condor Lounge Santiago Airport (SCL) Domestic Terminal

This lounge is located across from Gate 26 in the domestic side of SCL. For being a domestic airport lounge accessible via Priority Pass, it’s actually quite nice.

a sign on a stand in a building
Entrance to the lounge

Unfortunately, there’s no elevator up to the lounge, so you do have to climb a flight of stairs.

a white desk with a gold logo on it
Welcome desk

The lounge itself is a smallish room with a skylight. But in spite of being pretty small, they cram in a lot of seats and partitions to give a decent sense of privacy. The lounge also was not very crowded while I was there, which helped.

a room with chairs and tables
a row of white chairs
a glass door with a table and chairs
“Business center”
a room with red walls and a counter and chairs
a colorful puzzle mat on a floor
Kids area

The buffet is pretty decent for a domestic lounge. I was particularly surprised to see sushi (I was not brave enough to try it). I mostly just ate almonds and granola. There’s also a full-service bar.

a table with bowls of food and fruit

Raisins and almonds

a tray of sushi on a table
a tray of food on a table
Meats and cheeses
a group of cereals in containers
Cereal towers
a trays of sandwiches and a tray of food
a buffet table with plates of food and fruit
More sandwiches
a table with plates and donuts
Muffins and donut(s)
a refrigerator and beverage dispenser on a counter
Self-service drinks

In terms of being a good place to work, there were a fair number of outlets, and the wifi was decent. There’s also a small play area for kids, a shower (although it was “occupied” the whole time I was there), and a very small conference room (which was occupied by someone who I believe worked for the lounge the entire time I was there). Overall, a very pleasant domestic lounge.


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