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Lounge Review: Pacific Club Salones VIP Calama Airport (CJC)

The Calama airport is probably where you’re flying out of if you’ve been to the Atacama desert (which is definitely worth a visit!). It’s not a large airport, but it does have a single lounge, and the lounge is accessible via Priority Pass (as well as a bunch of credit cards).

a glass door with a sign in front of it
Entrance to the lounge right after security
a display of cards on a wall
Close up of all the credit cards that get you access

I believe I was the first guest of the lounge the day that I visited. It’s pretty sizable given how small the airport is with two large seating sections. The seating is pretty practical, the wifi was fast, and there were outlets everywhere. All pluses in my book.

a room with a large window
a room with tables and chairs
Seating and views
a group of chairs in a restaurant
a room with chairs and a plant
a room with a television and chairs
Seating and TV
a desk with computers and orange chairs

I was also surprised by how much food the buffet had. Granted, it was all covered in plastic wrap and wasn’t necessarily very appetizing, but there was mashed avocado, which I happily slathered on some toast.

a table with food on it
a table with plates of food and fruits

Because I was the first guest, it looked like the drink fridges hadn’t been restocked, but someone later put in some soda, and there was a bar (with a bell that said to ring it if you wanted something).

two refrigerators with bottles and bottles
a coffee machine and a box on a counter
a bar with a sign and a glass on the wall

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this lounge. You don’t have any other options, so it’s nice that the lounge is a good place to work.


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