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Confirmed: Emirates Chauffeur Drive Bookings on Partner Award Tickets Honored (If Booked Prior to January 11, 2015)

I’m currently sitting in the Emirates SFO Lounge (an impressive lounge and definitely the nicest lounge at SFO that I’ve been to), and I got here via Emirates Chauffeur Drive, even though my ticket was booked via Alaska miles. It was a bit of a surprise when Emirates announced earlier this year that partner award bookings would no longer be eligible for Chauffeur Drive, and then they went through and seemingly canceled people’s Chauffeur Drive bookings that had already been made.

A couple of weeks ago, it looked like those Chauffeur Drive bookings had been reinstated, and I’m happy to report that I did get a free car sent to pick me up and take me to SFO. Unfortunately, if you can’t make new Chauffeur Drive bookings or change existing Chauffeur Drive bookings, so it sounds like provided you made your booking before January 11, 2015, you’re good to go, but otherwise, you’re out of luck. Note that if you change your ticket, you will no longer have Chauffeur Drive, and you can’t make changes to your existing booking.

A bit of good news for those who were sitting on tickets booked a while back!