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Results from My Most Recent Round of Credit Card Applications

Yesterday, I said that I had applied for three different credit cards. I was instantly approved for the Barclays US Airways card, but I received pending decisions for the Citi Executive AAdvantage card and the Bank of America Alaska Airlines card.

I called reconsideration for both Citi and Bank of America. The Citi call was pretty straightforward: I had essentially exhausted the amount of credit Citi was willing to extend to me (I already have 4 open Citi cards), so they wanted me to transfer some amount of credit from an existing credit card to open this new card, which I was perfectly happy to do. Some of the numbers the phone rep was saying didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me (at one point, she said I had $x credit limit on one card, which meant I could transfer $x+2000 to the new card), but I was going to close one of the cards anyway so I just transferred over most of the credit limit to my new card.

For Bank of America, they had actually approved me instantly, but there was a fraud hold on my account. This meant that I had to go through a couple of identity verification questions with a phone rep before she was able to tell me that my application was already approved.

Reconsideration phone numbers from Flyertalk if you’re interested:
Citi – (800) 695-5171
Bank of America – (866) 811-4108 – this line connected me to someone who wanted to talk to me about existing credit cards, but she happily transferred me to someone who could resolve the fraud hold on my application

All in all, a successful churn. I’ve gotten all of these cards before, so this was a true churn and not just an app-orama. I need to spend $7500 on the Citi Exec AA for 75k bonus miles, I’ll get 40k US Airways miles after first purchase for an $89 annual fee, and I’ll get 30k Alaska miles for a $75 annual fee. The AA miles will be useful given that I just put some JAL F tickets on hold for a potential new year’s trip to Japan (again), the US miles will be useful as they put me over the edge for an F redemption to Asia, and the Alaska miles I’m vaguely stockpiling in case I feel like doing another trip in Emirates F.

Results from My Last Round of Credit Card Applications 2

Today was my churn day, 3 months after my last round of credit card applications. I discussed my thought process of applying for credit cards this time around in a previous post, and I settled on applying for 4 credit cards: the US Bank Club Carlson Personal, US Bank Club Carlson Business, Bank of America Alaska Airlines, and Chase Hyatt.

In preparation for applying for the US Bank Club Carlson cards, I sent requests to ARS and IDA to place security freezes on my profile about two weeks ago. This tactic has been widely discussed in the Flyertalk thread on the Club Carlson credit card, and the linked post on HackMyTrip is a great reference. Essentially, US Bank pulls reports from ARS and IDA, and people who are actively applying for multiple credit cards every year have had problems getting approved for new cards. For some reason, once people freeze their credit reports on ARS and IDA, they usually get instantly approved, in spite of active credit card churning activity.

Given that I’ve applied for 8 new credit cards in the past year, I thought it would be a good idea to freeze my reports on ARS and IDA, and lo and behold, I was instantly approved for the US Bank Club Carlson Personal card. This was my only instant approval for the day. I was met with a pending decision for the business version, and I’m not too surprised by that.

I next applied for the Bank of America Alaska Airlines card. I last got this card a year ago, and I called last week to cancel the credit card, but the customer service rep ended up downgrading my card to a no annual fee card rather than canceling my card. After applying, I got a pending screen, but I called Bank of America’s personal credit card status application phone number (877-721-9405, then option 3) and heard that my application was approved.

My final application was for the Chase Hyatt card. The card now has no annual fee for the first year, but as an added bonus, if you start to make a Hyatt reservation via Hyatt.com, prior to booking you should see an offer for the Chase Hyatt card that offers an additional $50 statement credit after first purchase. I did this and applied via the $50 statement credit application and received another pending screen. I called Chase’s reconsideration line at 888-245-0625 and was told that my application merely needed to be verified and was approved after a very short hold time.

All in all, that’s 3 approvals out of 4 applications with one application still pending. The card that I most wanted the approval for was the US Bank Club Carlson card, and I’m happy that that came through with an instant approval.

Contemplating My Next Credit Card Applications

It’s been about three months since my last round of credit card applications, so I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to get next.

I most recently applied for the Citi Hilton Reserve and the Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Business cards. I’ve already used the two weekend night certificates from the Citi Hilton Reserve card to book two nights at the Conrad Hong Kong for my trip there later this year, and the 50,000 bonus miles from the Chase card have already posted to my United account. I’m also well on my way to hitting the $10,000 annual spend requirement for the anniversary weekend night for the Citi Hilton Reserve card.

For my next round of credit card applications, I know I’ll be applying for at least one of the US Bank Club Carlson cards as I’d love to use the points for a stay in Helsinki later this year. One of the best features of the card is getting a free night for any award redemption, so I can essentially get two award nights for the price of one, which is perfect for my two day trip. I’m a little bit nervous, though, as US Bank is notorious for denying people’s credit card applications for too many recent inquiries, and even if I do get approved, I don’t know if the points will post in time for me to make my redemption. Nonetheless, this will be on my list of cards, but I need to figure out if I’m just going to apply for the personal version or if I’ll try to double up and get the business version as well.

Beyond the US Bank Club Carlson card, I don’t really know what to do. If I apply for both the personal and business versions of the card, then I’m committing myself to $5,000 of spend within the first three months, which is completely doable, but I probably don’t want to sign myself up for tons more spend.

I’ve considered applying for another Bank of America Alaska Airlines card, as the Alaska Airlines award chart is now much friendlier to most since there are one-way redemptions on most carriers for half the price of a roundtrip. But one of the best parts to the Alaska miles used to be that they had access to partner awards prior to 331 days in advance, so it was a hidden weapon to snag Qantas First Class seats before people with American Airlines miles could get to them, but they’ve eliminated that possibility, so it’s not quite as interesting any more. Alaska is one of the few partners of Emirates,  though, and I could save up the miles to redeem for another trip in Emirates First Class. Another shower in the sky could be fun, and the Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai is one of the most ridiculous places I’ve ever been.

I could also try to get another Citi American Airlines card or another Barclays US Airways card, as I should be ready to churn those right around the time of my next round of applications. And this might be my last good chance to get another Barclays US Airways card if the merger goes through and Barclays stops issuing US Airways cards. Or I could try to pick up another hotel card like the Chase Priority Club or Chase Hyatt.