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Question for Readers: Do You Lie Compulsively on Planes?

Instead of answering reader questions, I’m asking questions of readers this week.

I often find myself lying compulsively on planes.

Mostly, I lie because it’s easier. I find that it makes people more comfortable for me just to say that I’m flying for work, which is a reason that easily fits into people’s schemas of the world and explains why I might be flying in business or first class or I might be flying somewhere for only one or two days, rather than for me to try to explain using frequent flyer miles or mileage running.

For example, on one of my trips around the world, on one segment, my seat mate asked me where I was going, and I told him that I wasn’t really going anywhere because I was just flying around the world. He then looked at me funny and didn’t talk to me the rest of the flight. On the next segment, when my seat mate asked me where I was going, I told him I was going to ____ very briefly for work, but it’s not that bad because my company pays for business class or else I would never do it, and he quickly agreed and continued the conversation.

So I’m curious, do you ever find the need or desire to lie to people on planes rather than get into the details of our hobby?