How to Sleep on Airplanes

Get the following three products:

  1. Eye mask
  2. Neck pillow (I definitely recommend getting one that’s inflatable since it packs down smaller and you can adjust how firm you want it to be)
  3. Ear plugs

Travel has become so much more pleasant after I discovered this sensory-depriving trifecta. Before, I’d get intermittent spurts of sleep, waking up because my head jerked down or some baby started crying or my neighbor’s screen was too bright; now, I’m able to sleep for upwards of 5 hours continuously on flights.

Alternatively, you can try getting an Ostrich Pillow, but I don’t have any experience using one of those. They also seem slightly bulky/I think people would be a little freaked out when you slip it on.

If all else fails, I’ve also used Benadryl and Dramamine in the past to help me sleep, but I much prefer my above non-drug combo. What are your favorite tips for sleeping on planes?

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