How to Get Thai Airways Seat Assignments in Advance

If you book an award on Thai Airways using another carrier’s miles, you probably won’t get a seat assignment at first. Luckily, it’s quite easy to get your record locator and an advance seat assignment.

You can call the Thai Airways office in LA at 1-800-426-5204, or even better, you can email them at Just be sure to include your ticket number, name, schedule, and seat preference, and they should be able to take care of everything for you. And once you have your record locator, you can use the Thai Airways website to pre-order a meal if you’re traveling internationally in Royal First or Royal Silk classes.

Be aware that this only works for non-domestic itineraries on Thai, as seat assignment only occurs at check-in for those domestic itineraries.

3 thoughts on “How to Get Thai Airways Seat Assignments in Advance

  1. Marilyn Andrews

    I know this was written years ago, but what great info!!
    BUT, neither the email address or phone are in use at this time.
    Do you have any newer contact info for them?

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