Discover’s Money Messenger Service Being Discontinued October 10th

Most people probably don’t care about this announcement since Discover’s cards aren’t particularly interesting from a frequent flyer perspective, but Discover’s peer-to-peer payments service called Money Messenger is being discontinued starting October 10th, 2013.

Email that I received regarding the discontinuation

Email that I received regarding the discontinuation

This service, powered by Paypal, was slightly interesting in that there were no fees for sending money, but you still earned the normal 1% cash back on the transactions. So essentially, you could make a couple bucks a month by just sending money to someone for free (my monthly limit was $500, so I could have earned an extra $5 a month). And this was even better when Discover would send out targeted spending bonuses, as sending money via Money Messenger counted toward minimum spending requirements.

For what it’s worth, I do have a Discover It card, although it’s infrequently used. I now mostly use it if the Discover portal offers a better cash back bonus than other online shopping portals and during the 5% rotating quarterly categories.

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