Things I Like Right Now: US Bank

In the past, I’ve written extensively about how I think the US Bank Club Carlson credit cards are underrated in the miles/points blogosphere. These cards are one reason why I’m a fan of US Bank.

More recently, though, I’m a big fan of the Visa Buxx cards offered through US Bank. I’ve been slacking on the manufactured spending front, but Visa Buxx makes for a couple of grand of easy spend each month at minimal ongoing cost. It helps that there are US Bank ATMs where I live, including near my work as well as near my home.

To make the process of liquidation even easier, I opened a US Bank checking account, so I can withdraw money and deposit it at the same trip (yes, I hog the ATM for 5 minutes or so). And at the time that I opened my checking account, US Bank was offering a $150 opening bonus, so that just made it all the more worthwhile.

Granted, there are things that I dislike about US Bank: namely, their fraud controls are way too stringent. I’ve given up on using my Club Carlson credit cards for any sort of manufactured spend as I hated having to call every single time I made a somewhat large purchase. But Visa Buxx and redeeming two nights for the price of one (which can be stacked back-to-back with two credit cards/Club Carlson accounts) make me a big fan of US Bank right now.

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  1. Carl P

    From US Bank VidsaBuxx site:

    “Visa Buxx works like this…parents put money on the card…like what they’ve already set aside for books, gas, clothes, vacations, or emergencies. They load money from their credit or check card, or U.S. Bank checking or savings account. Visa Buxx even accepts direct deposit from parents’ and teens’ employers.

    Then teens use the card at the mall, over the phone, even online, everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. Sound like a credit card? It’s not! Purchases are deducted immediately from the card. Balance too low? Sorry, no sale. Time to reload again! It’s like cash, but smarter, safer, and a great tool for teaching teens about budgeting and financial responsibility.”

    1. Edward Post author

      That’s a pretty good summary. Don’t know if a full post would be helpful since I’m unsure if you can even get the US Bank version any more, and I don’t want to play too much with fire here. But you can load the cards with credit cards at a pretty good rate (after the initial card sign-up), and you can liquidate at ATMs or in any other way you would normally liquidate a debit card.

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