SEA 2014: Jetstar Asia Economy Class Siem Reap to Singapore (REP to SIN)

The final stop on our tour of southeast Asia was Singapore. Not going to lie–one of the main reasons why I wanted to end in Singapore was so that I could fly Singapore Suites back to the US, but Singapore is also a delicious food city, which made the couple of days we spent there very worthwhile (if regrettable due to the amount of food we consumed).

To get from Siem Reap to Singapore, we flew Jetstar Asia, which is a budget carrier based in Singapore. Jetstar Airways is a subsidiary of Qantas and is based in Melbourne. Since it’s a budget carrier, be prepared to pay for everything, so we tried to minimize our additional expenses by only buying 20kg of checked baggage when we bought our tickets. It’s worth noting that you’re actually buying 20kg of checked baggage, and not one checked bag up to 20kg, so you can check as many bags as you want, provided that they weigh less than 20kg combined.

The flight from REP to SIN is only about 2 hours, so I didn’t mind flying a low-cost carrier, but it’s not a particularly comfortable experience. Seat pitch is only 29 inches in economy class, which I guess is one more inch than Spirit Airlines in the US, but is still very tight.

Remote gate boarding
Remote gate boarding
Economy class boarding
Economy class boarding
Super tight pitch (29")
Super tight pitch (29″)

The flight was uneventful, as one hopes all economy flights are. Beyond the tight seating, there’s not much to review as we didn’t partake in any of the buy-on-board items.

I wouldn’t hesitate to fly Jetstar again if the price were right and the flights were convenient, but be wary of extra charges that can easily jack up the price beyond that of a more full-service carrier.


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