Giveaway: One American Airlines SWU (Expires February 28, 2015)

UPDATE: This contest is now over. Thanks for entering!

To kick off my week being a featured blogger, I’m giving away one American Airlines systemwide upgrade! This can be used to upgrade any one-way flight (up to 3 segments) in any fare class, but be warned that international flights can be hard to upgrade (e.g. DFW-HKG), and some upgrades can trigger additional taxes/fees (e.g. LHR). The flights must be marketed and operated by AA to be upgraded. The SWU expires February 28, 2015, so your flight needs to happen on or before that date to be eligible. The giveaway will end at some point before I stop being a featured blogger, so ideally, your flight occurs after February 8, 2015 as well.

To enter to win, all you need to do is comment on this post with something you’re grateful for (e.g. “I’m grateful for the wonderful information provided in this blog!” but something that’s actually true and not inane). You can comment as many times as you wish, provided that you list out a separate thing that you’re grateful for in each comment. I will randomly select one comment as the winner. Note that I reserve the right to delete/make ineligible comments that I believe are nonsensical (e.g. “Blejiooisa”) or otherwise not something that anyone should be grateful for (e.g. “I am grateful for ISIS”).

All of us who participate in this hobby have so much to be grateful for, and I hope that this giveaway helps us cultivate gratitude just a little bit more.

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