Review: Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp Petra, Jordan

Over the summer, I took a short trip to Jordan from Israel. On this trip, I stayed at the Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp near Petra.

a group of people walking in a cave
Entrance to the camp
a person sitting in a circle with a fire pit
Fire pit

The camp is pretty large. I was on a decently-sized tour (~30 people), so it’s not some boutique experience, even if you stay at this place yourself. That being said, it was pretty cool to stay out in the dessert, and the views were great.

a group of tents in a desert
Lots of tents
a group of tents in a desert

The tents are pretty basic. Just two beds with lots of blankets. I was there in July, so it was pretty warm and toasty most of the time. There is some electricity in the tents, but it cuts out pretty early in the evening, so you can’t charge things overnight. The tents also don’t have locks on them, except from the outside, so it’s actually possible to lock your companion into the tent. Make sure to bring ear plugs, as there’s very little noise insulation. That being said, because we were hiking in Petra all day, I slept pretty well.

a room with two beds and a blanket
Inside a tent

There are communal bathrooms with hot running water. You should probably bring flip flops/shower shoes of some sort. Also a flashlight/your phone to get to and from the bathroom at night. It is in the middle of the desert, so they have to get water delivered, so sometimes, there wasn’t any water. So you might want to wake up early to make sure you can use the bathroom before the water runs out if the camp is crowded!

a bathroom with sinks and mirrors
a toilet with a lid up
a shower with a shower head

We had breakfast and dinner at the camp. This was just buffet style food. The food was fine, but you’re not staying in the desert for the food.

a table with bowls of food
a table with plates and food on it

The best part of the camp was the fire pit. A huge circular are with lots of pillows and blankets to chill after a day of hiking in Petra. There was tea and hookah available (and wifi! albeit slow wifi).

a fire pit with columns and a palm tree at night

Would I stay here again? Sure, if someone else wanted to. It’s an interesting and kinda fun experience. It’s not really camping, and it’s not really a cultural experience, but it’s an easy, decently comfortable way to spend the night in the desert.


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