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Giveaway: Four Alaska Airlines MVP Guest Upgrade Codes (Expire 12/31/2016)

I have four Alaska Airlines MVP Guest Upgrade codes that expire 12/31/2016 to give away!

“U” class must be available at the time of the request, and fare classes G, R, and T are not eligible for upgrades. Each upgrade code is valid for one-way travel for one person.

If you’d like one, please email me at efficientasianman at gmail dot com. Please make sure that you can actually use the code prior to 12/31/2016 (i.e. you have travel booked and your ticket qualifies). If I receive more requests than I can fulfill, I’ll figure out some arbitrary (or not so arbitrary) way to give them out.

See here for more information on how to use them: https://www.alaskaair.com/content/mileage-plan/membership-benefits/guest-upgrades.aspx

Giveaway: 2000 Hawaiian Miles

I’ve got 2,000 Hawaiian miles expiring next week, so I figured I’d give them to a reader instead of letting them expire. Hawaiian offers the unique benefit of allowing people to share miles for free, provided that the recipient of the miles holds a Hawaiian Airlines credit card (if only other airlines allowed the same).

If you want the miles, comment on this post, and I’ll randomly choose a winner in a day or so. Again, you need to have a Hawaiian Airlines credit card to be eligible to receive miles for free.

Giveaway of Random Stuff

I seem to have collected a lot of stuff over the past year or so, which is unusual for me as I try to not accumulate stuff, so I figured I’d give it away to people. If you’d like some random stuff, please email me at efficientasianman (at) gmail (dot) com with your name and mailing address, and I’ll try to send some stuff your way. Note that I have a finite amount of stuff, so you won’t necessarily receive anything depending on how many people email me, although I might send you something in the future if I happen to accumulate more stuff. Also, please have a mailing address in the US, as I don’t want to spend a fortune on postage.

Examples of random stuff you might get:
-Decks of airline playing cards
-Things that airlines give to kids
-Amenity kits (including airline eye masks and slippers)
-Airline/travel/hotel-branded swag (e.g. SPG-branded sunglasses)
-Hotel toiletries

Winner of One AA SWU!

Earlier this week, I launched a giveaway of one expiring AA SWU. And the winner is…

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.05.24 AM

Bob! Who wrote that he’s grateful for the new experiences that traveling affords.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.07.11 AM


I certainly agree that one of the best parts about traveling is experiencing things that you wouldn’t get if you stayed in one place. I’ve reached out to Bob to apply the SWU. Thanks to all who entered for sharing things that you’re grateful for!

Giveaway: One American Airlines SWU (Expires February 28, 2015)

UPDATE: This contest is now over. Thanks for entering!

To kick off my week being a featured blogger, I’m giving away one American Airlines systemwide upgrade! This can be used to upgrade any one-way flight (up to 3 segments) in any fare class, but be warned that international flights can be hard to upgrade (e.g. DFW-HKG), and some upgrades can trigger additional taxes/fees (e.g. LHR). The flights must be marketed and operated by AA to be upgraded. The SWU expires February 28, 2015, so your flight needs to happen on or before that date to be eligible. The giveaway will end at some point before I stop being a featured blogger, so ideally, your flight occurs after February 8, 2015 as well.

To enter to win, all you need to do is comment on this post with something you’re grateful for (e.g. “I’m grateful for the wonderful information provided in this blog!” but something that’s actually true and not inane). You can comment as many times as you wish, provided that you list out a separate thing that you’re grateful for in each comment. I will randomly select one comment as the winner. Note that I reserve the right to delete/make ineligible comments that I believe are nonsensical (e.g. “Blejiooisa”) or otherwise not something that anyone should be grateful for (e.g. “I am grateful for ISIS”).

All of us who participate in this hobby have so much to be grateful for, and I hope that this giveaway helps us cultivate gratitude just a little bit more.