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Up to $70 for Lyft Credit for New Users This Weekend

In the battle for ride-sharing supremacy, I’m Team Lyft (at least, when it’s convenient to do so). There’s been lots of talk about Uber on the blogs, but the “$30 credit” is often just a $30 credit for your first ride, which essentially means your first ride is free, and not that you get $30 to use on free rides.

Lyft just announced a referral promotion in which you can get up to $70 of Lyft credit: $5 off each of your first 10 rides, and an additional free ride worth up to $20. Given that most of my Lyft Line rides are only $5, this is an extremely generous promotion if you’re new to the service.

If you want to make me happy, use my referral code of EDWARD1359 prior to your first ride. You need to sign up by 11:59pm on February 22, 2015 (I assume Pacific time), and the referral credits are valid for 30 days.

Things I Like: Lyft

Lots of bloggers have posted about Uber. Not sure why no one posts about Lyft (warning: affiliate link!) because they also have a referral program. Possibly because Lyft doesn’t have as many drivers and isn’t quite as widespread, but with Lyft, you get to avoid messy issues about bad business practices and sexism!

The affiliate link that I posted gives you a $20 credit for your first ride (and it gives me a $20 credit, which I appreciate!). Note that you don’t have to fist bump your driver, and you don’t have to sit in the front seat, although you’re welcome to do either.

If you live in New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, you should definitely be using Lyft because they have an option called Lyft Line that’s super, super cheap. They try to match you up with another rider who’s going on the same route as you, but even if they don’t match you, you get up to a 50% discount. Like a ride from SFO into the city is only $17, and you can have up to two people riding with Lyft Line. That’s the same price as BART for two people, but significantly more convenient.

I also got an email today about a crazy promotion for $2.25 Lyft Line rides within San Francisco (bounded by Cesar Chavez on the south, Stanyan on the west, and water on the north and east) if you input the promo code MATCHMUNI ($2.25 is the price of a Muni ride in SF). That’s crazy, crazy cheap, and is likely a response to Uber’s $5 Uberpool rides.

Anyway, sign up for Lyft. I’m grateful if you use my affiliate link, but it’s also a good to just have multiple ridesharing apps on your phone since sometimes one will have surge/prime pricing while the other won’t. And, well, I try to use Lyft over Uber now whenever feasible.