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Things I Don’t Get: Sundaes on Airplanes

One thing (of many) that I don’t understand is why so many travel bloggers seem to like sundaes on airplanes. The sundae is particularly pervasive on US carriers (well, at least UA and AA) who serve them as the only choice of dessert in premium cabins.

The offending dessert

The offending dessert

The biggest issue that I have is that the sundaes generally aren’t very good. Maybe I’d be happier if I were a 5th grader going to an ice cream social, but I really don’t want to be eating bad quality ice cream with my choice of hot fudge, caramel, nuts, fruit syrup, and whipped cream. Especially since ice cream served on planes is often served rock hard.

I guess there’s the larger issue of food quality on US airlines, but so many bloggers seem to rave about these bad quality sundaes while simultaneously¬†complaining about all of the other food choices. Would you seriously pay for this sundae¬†at a restaurant? If you’re going to provide ice cream, I’d much rather get higher quality, more interesting ice cream like the Humphry Slocombe ice cream offered on Virgin America.

There’s also some odd element of the infantilization of premium class passengers. I admit that I am a total pajama-on-airplanes convert, but it’s strange how some elements of premium class travel seem to encourage reversion to younger states of life (another example: cookies and milk on AA).