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Things I Like Right Now: US Bank

In the past, I’ve written extensively about how I think the US Bank Club Carlson credit cards are underrated in the miles/points blogosphere. These cards are one reason why I’m a fan of US Bank.

More recently, though, I’m a big fan of the Visa Buxx cards offered through US Bank. I’ve been slacking on the manufactured spending front, but Visa Buxx makes for a couple of grand of easy spend each month at minimal ongoing cost. It helps that there are US Bank ATMs where I live, including near my work as well as near my home.

To make the process of liquidation even easier, I opened a US Bank checking account, so I can withdraw money and deposit it at the same trip (yes, I hog the ATM for 5 minutes or so). And at the time that I opened my checking account, US Bank was offering a $150 opening bonus, so that just made it all the more worthwhile.

Granted, there are things that I dislike about US Bank: namely, their fraud controls are way too stringent. I’ve given up on using my Club Carlson credit cards for any sort of manufactured spend as I hated having to call every single time I made a somewhat large purchase. But Visa Buxx and redeeming two nights for the price of one (which can be stacked back-to-back with two credit cards/Club Carlson accounts) make me a big fan of US Bank right now.