How to Save Money in Paris

Here are some random quick tips for saving money in Paris:

1. If you’re younger than 26 and visiting Paris on the weekend, consider buying a Ticket Jeunes Week-end for the Metro. It’s only 3,65 euro for a one-day pass for zones 1-3, which will make up for itself after 3 rides. A normal metro ticket is 1,70 euro, a carnet of 10 tickets is 13,30 euro, and a normal day pass is 6,60 euro, so this is a great deal for young people.

2. Most museums in Paris are free the first Sunday of every month. This can be great if you’re traveling on a budget and fine dealing with crowds, but be aware that the museums will be VERY crowded on these days. It might be worth it for some just to pay the admission and go on a less crowded day…

3. For cheap eating, I highly recommend Maoz and L’as du fallafel. Both have some of the best falafel I’ve ever had. While L’as du fallafel is clearly the more famous of the two, I’m going to give a slight edge to Maoz due to no lines, great Belgian frites, and the ability to customize your falafel via their salad bar. In both cases, you can buy a filling meal for less than 6 euro.

4. Another cheap eat is L’avant comptoir. They have a great take-out window where you can get an amazing crepe for less than 2 euro, and they also serve sandwiches which are just a couple of euro more. If you’re willing to splurge a little bit, I think that this place offers one of the best deliciousness-per-dollar-spent ratios for dinner as well, plus you get unlimited access to good bread and Bordier butter. You can stuff yourself silly with great food and spend less than 20 euro for dinner.

5. If you want to ascend the Eiffel Tower and you’re in reasonably good shape, I recommend climbing the stairs rather than waiting for the lift. Tickets are slightly cheaper, you’ll get some much needed exercise to burn off all of the pastries that you’ve been eating, and you don’t have to wait hours in line for the elevator (there’s a separate line/entrance for stairs-only tickets). Tickets are also cheaper if you’re a young person (24 years or younger).

Do you have any good tips for saving money in Paris? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

One thought on “How to Save Money in Paris

  1. yenergy

    The usual: go to restaurants for lunches, then pick up some wine, cheese, bread, fruit from anywhere e.g. the gas station or Monoprix, and have a picnic on one of the bridges or the banks of the Seine on Ile St Louis or trocadero if you really want to see the tower.

    I thought view from sacre coeur (free) >> view from eiffel tower (money).



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