Asiana Airlines Quadra Smartium Routes

UPDATE (1/4/2014): Here is an updated link to Asiana’s routes with Quadra Smartium service. Right now, the following routes have Quadra Smartium seats:

  • New York (OZ 222/221)
  • San Francisco (OZ 212/211)
  • Los Angeles (OZ 204/203)
  • London (OZ 522/521)
  • Osaka (OZ 112/111)
  • Ho Chi Minh (OZ 735/736 4 times per week)

Asiana Airlines is well-known for having a great soft product, but the hard product on business class is not so great (i.e. not lie flat) unless you’re flying the new Quadra Smartium product.

Lie-flat beds in Quadra Smartium


Older 167-degree bed-type seats

What are the routes that fly this product? The best place to check for this information is the Asiana website. They list different routes by aircraft configuration, so you can see if the route you want is generally serviced by Quadra Smartium seats.

Currently (as of June 26, 2013), these routes have Quadra Smartium Seats:

  • Chicago OZ 236/235 (all flights)
  • Narita OZ 104/103 (1x per week); OZ 108/107 (2x per week)
  • Ho Chi Minh OZ 735/736 (3x per week)
  • San Francisco OZ 214/213 (all flights)
  • Los Angeles OZ 204/203 (all flights)
  • London OZ 522/521 (all flights)
  • Osaka OZ 112/111 (all flights)
  • Beijing OZ 333/334 (2x per week)
  • Bangkok OZ 741/742 (1x per week)
  • Taipei OZ 711/712 (3x per week)

It’s important to note that, like all airlines, Asiana has been known to swap aircraft on routes, so you might not get Quadra Smartium even though you’re flying out of SFO, but you have a good chance of getting the new product. Another caveat is that this schedule is only valid until July 22, 2013, at which point New York JFK will have the new first class suites and Quadra Smartium business class 7 days a week.

14 thoughts on “Asiana Airlines Quadra Smartium Routes

  1. Shannon

    But how would I know what day they would deploy new business class eg BKK-ICN route only one day per week? Is there any to verify ?

    1. EfficientAsianMan

      Do you mean verifying in advance prior to booking? Unfortunately, even for routes that are supposed to get the Quadra Smartium seats every day (like SFO), there are occasionally aircraft substitutions with the old angled-flat seats, so there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll get the new seats.

    1. EfficientAsianMan

      It looks like Asiana has removed some helpful information from their site, but the routes listed in the post should be the only destinations with the Quadra Smartium seats, excepting the change that New York JFK has the new seats (as well as the new first class suites) while Chicago does not any more. That means that Paris and Sydney are not scheduled to have the QS seats.

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    1. EfficientAsianMan

      After the airline crash at SFO, Asiana retired the 213/214 flight numbers, so the flights to/from SFO are now OZ 211/212, and you can expect the new Quadra Smartium seats on those flights.

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  4. Paul

    I flew from SYD to ICN return in February/March 2013, and had Smartium seating on both legs. In November 2013 on the SYD-ICN leg I was not so lucky. Very disappointing and uncomfortable old business class configuration. Not worth the expense at all. The A330 config used on the ICN-IST legs is far superior. Tomorrow’s ICN-SYD flight looks to be the same old version 1 config. Like you said, great soft product, but poor hard product. Not 5 stars in any league.

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