Travel Stories from an Asian Man #1

One of the most thought-provoking posts on Gary’s blog View from the Wing considers a question that Gary got from an African American woman at the World Domination Summit after discussing some of his techniques for maximizing his travel experiences: “these sound like great techniques; can you talk about how well they work if you aren’t a white male?”

I can’t hope to answer this question fully, but I will share some of my travel stories that I think have been affected/created/influenced by the fact that I’m an Asian male. It’s up to you to decide if that’s true or not.

Story #1:

Near the end of my senior year of college, I went on a mini-roadtrip with some of my best friends. Somewhere along the highway in North Carolina, we stopped at a Waffle House for a meal. We sat at two different tables: four of us at one, three at the other. I ended up sitting with three of my blond friends.

Our waitress was a friendly older woman with a southern drawl. She could tell that we weren’t from around the area, so she asked us why we were passing through. We told her that we were on a small trip and were about to graduate from college, so she asked us what we studied.

My friends answered political science, computer science, and psychology; when it came around to me, I said, “mathematics”.

The waitress responded: “You know, when I saw you, I thought you’d say math”.

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