Random Thoughts on Hong Kong

I am currently in Hong Kong for vacation. This is my first trip to Hong Kong, but I leave tomorrow so I can be back in the US to be with my family for Thanksgiving. Here are some random initial thoughts, and I will expound upon some of them in future posts.

1) The Conrad Hong Kong is nice, but I don’t think it’s $500+ a night nice. Who is paying cash for hotels like this? That being said, I think it was a good choice to burn the free weekend award certificates that I got from the Citi Hilton Reserve credit card.

2) Hong Kong has one of the best public transportation systems I’ve used. The MTR is cheap, clean, fast, and runs ridiculously frequently. The ding ding trams are wonderful, as is the Star Ferry. Octopus is also super convenient, and it’s cool that you can use it at so many places. Why can’t other cities get this right?

3) I was so excited to eat in Hong Kong, but I’ve honestly been a little disappointed. This is just likely a case of overly high expectations, but places like Tim Ho Wan and One Dim Sum, which are the cheapest Michelin stars to eat in the world as far as I know, just did not impress me that much. But I do find it remarkable that you can get generally very tasty food for less than $5.

I will try to have a real post ready for tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Hong Kong

    1. EfficientAsianMan

      I am just incredibly surprised that the Michelin inspectors thought that those places deserved stars. I generally expected starred restaurants to be a cut above, but I guess I have had several meals at one-star restaurants that have also disappointed.


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