NYTimes Article on the A380

Summary version of the article: the A380 was the wrong choice for Airbus to make as airlines want fuel-efficient, long-distance aircraft like the 787. This has led to many fewer orders for the A380 than originally planned, which means that Airbus might not even fully recoup their R&D costs. The only airline to bet big on the A380 is Emirates, and they love the luxury factor that the A380 brings.

My take? I love flying the A380. I’ve flown the A380 in first class on Emirates, Lufthansa, Thai, and Singapore (trip reports for the latter two coming whenever I can get to them), and it’s my favorite plane in the sky. Yes, the 747 is iconic while the A380 looks like a bit strange, but the A380 takeoff is magical, the plane is super quiet, and the novelty still hasn’t worn off after 5+ years of service. It’s an amazing feat of engineering and it makes me giddy whenever I get the chance to fly it.

I also agree with Tim Clark, the president of Emirates, that the A380 offers a kind of luxury experience that no other plane can. There are showers on board the Emirates A380! It’s so wasteful and crazy and ridiculous but also wonderful and special and something that makes it stand apart from everything else.

I can’t speak to the feasibility of the aircraft for the aviation industry, but I personally seek out the A380 when I can, and I’ll always be fond of it. What are your thoughts on the A380?

10 thoughts on “NYTimes Article on the A380

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  2. Shannon

    Congratulation! Your effort on the “meh series” finally make you to be quoted on ” View of the wing”. Hopefully it will bring more traffic on your website.

  3. Jerry Hansen

    I have over the last 50 years or so have flown just about everything that has been in the air. From DC 3 to A380. Frankly I find the A380 the most boring aircraft I have flown. Be it First on QA or SQ or business on SQ or BA, is more like sitting in the stands watching a very boring baseball game.
    I am disappointed that Boeing couldnt do better than the 747-8. Still the 747 -400.is the best, always exciting, always comfortable and it has a certain for the lack of a better word, warnest about it. I shall miss it when it is finally committed to the scrap yards.

    1. Edward Post author

      Great to hear your thoughts! I don’t have too much of a flying history, but I do love the 747-400 and will also miss it when it’s no longer flown.

  4. Andy

    How about you show some respect and not use “retarded” as an insult or comical expression for a cheap laugh.

    Personally I have no mentally challenged friends or family but can imagine their struggle and issues dealing with small minded people like you.

    1. Edward Post author

      You’re completely right–I’m ashamed that I used that language in the past (it is not something I would do now), and I’ve changed the post to reflect that.

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