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Lounge Review: Premium Lounge Guangzhou Airport (CAN)

This lounge was extremely crowded when I visited because a lot of airlines use this lounge for their premium passengers at Guangzhou. It’s also accessible via Priority Pass, which probably adds to the crowding.

a front of a lounge
Entrance to the Premium Lounge
a group of logos on a sign
Some of the airlines that use this lounge

The lounge is actually deceptively large. It’s pretty long, and there are a fair number of seating areas. In addition, there’s a large dining area all the way at the end of the lounge, so if you keep walking, you’re likely to find a place to sit.

a group of people sitting in chairs
Lounge seating
a group of people sitting in chairs in a room
More seating
a room with leather chairs and a tv
a room with a round table and chairs

For drinks, there were sodas, beer, and wine (and soy milk).

a refrigerator with drinks and cans
Drink fridge
a bucket and a bottle of wine on a table

There were a couple of snack stations throughout the lounge with drinks, fruit, packaged goods, and snack foods.

bowls of fruit on a counter
a group of jars of food on a wood surface
a table with food in boxes
Packaged goods

At the end of the lounge was a pretty decent dining room. There weren’t as many people in this area, so there was more space to sit, and the food options were more extensive than expected.

a group of people sitting in a room
Dining area
a group of people sitting at tables in a restaurant
Dining area
people in a restaurant with a bar counter
Dining area

There were quite a few hot food options, but they were mostly variants of fried foods. So not the best if you’re looking for something healthy.

a group of bowls of food
Fried food

One thing that I found strange was the bakery case. It was full of desserts, but you couldn’t access it yourself. There were staff standing near the bakery case, but none of them offered to help me even as I looked wistfully at the desserts.

a display case with pastries and desserts
Bakery case
a group of metal containers on a counter
Hot food trays
a two metal pots on a counter
a metal tray with food in it
More fried food
a tray of potato chips
Starchy food

Overall, this lounge has better food options than the Baiyun First Class lounge, but it’s a lot busier (which I guess makes the food more trustworthy since there’s higher turnover), but it’s also much more crowded.


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