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Lounge Review: Baiyun Airport First Class Lounge Guangzhou Airport (CAN)

Transferring at Guangzhou was an… interesting experience. Probably because I was transferring from Royal Jordanian to Qatar at neither of their hubs. When I got off my Royal Jordanian flight, I asked the ground crew how to transfer flights, and they had no idea what to do with me. I ended up finding a friendly woman who called an airport staff member who works for Qatar to come to the transfer desk, and he took my passport and bag tag and then left me alone. But half an hour later, he reappeared with my boarding passes and passport!

My first stop was the Baiyun Airport First Class Lounge. At the time, this was the lounge that Qatar used for their premium class passengers at CAN (this lounge is also accessible via Priority Pass). I’ll note that this lounge is essentially just some make-shift walls carving out a space in the terminal. The lounge is completely open to the rest of the terminal, and the walls aren’t very high.

Entrance to the Baiyun Airport First Class Lounge

The lounge was quite empty when I arrived. And there were never more than a couple of other passengers while I was there. The lounge has large windows overlooking the apron, but I was there at night, and there were massive thunderstorms, so I couldn’t see much out the windows. But there was plenty of seating for the number of passengers who were there.

Lounge seating
Work stations
Another view of the lounge

In terms of beverages, there were sodas and beer. I did not see other alcoholic beverages besides beer.

Drink fridge
Other beverage options

For food, I was simultaneously impressed and a bit scared. There were some packaged foods like sandwiches, muffins, and instant noodles, and there were also some trays of hot food. However, I had no idea how long the hot food had been sitting out, and given the lack of passengers in the lounge, I can’t imagine that there’s much turnover of the hot food. So I would say eat at your own risk.

Packaged baked goods and sandwiches
Bok choy
Some sort of stir fry
Fried rice
Fruit and instant noodles

Overall, it’s a place to sit, and there’s food to eat (if you dare). Not a great lounge by any means, but it’s significantly less crowded than the Premium Lounge, which is where I headed next. So if you just want some peace and quiet, you might want to come here.


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