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Thailand 2014: United Airlines Business Class PS Service New York to San Francisco (JFK to SFO)

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UA 642
New York (JFK) to San Francisco (SFO)
Depart: 11:30am
Arrive: 2:57pm
Duration: 6h 27m
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Seat: 3A

I’ve previously reviewed United’s PS Service between JFK and SFO, but this was my first flight with the new seats (which aren’t that new by now). Disclaimer: I was really, really tired by the time I got on this flight, so this flight review will be short, as I essentially passed out after the meal service and didn’t wake up until we were landing.

The seating configuration is 2×2 in business class. I had a window seat for this leg, and it definitely feels narrower than the aisle seats. The footwell seems narrower, and the under-seat storage is smaller. Even though I normally don’t like sitting in the bulkhead, the bulkhead on these planes on the lefthand side seems to have much wider footwells, so I’d try to get 1A or 1B in the future.

PS Seats
PS Seats
Foot cubby and IFE screen
Foot cubby and IFE screen
Outlets and some storage
Outlets and some storage
Seat controls
Seat controls

The IFE was responsive and had a large selection for a domestic flight. The programming was also started on the ground, which I really appreciate (like what else are you supposed to do during boarding if you take advantage of earlier boarding?), although it cut out once we started moving. There was also a nice pillow and blanket at every seat, and I was offered a pre-departure beverage, menu, ear plugs, eye mask, and toothbrush. These touches definitely make the flight seem much more like an international flight.

PS Service menu
PS Service menu

I had pre-ordered a VGML, and I have to admit that I think that United serves the best VGMLs of any airline that I’ve tried (well, maybe Singapore does a better job, but I don’t think it’s fair to compare Singapore Suites to United business). The vegetarian food is hearty (i.e. not just vegetables) and flavored decently. The appetizer was a salad and some lentils, and the entree was some vaguely Indian chickpeas with vegetables and cous cous. Nothing crazy or wonderfully delicious, but it’s all reasonably healthy and fine, and it’s actually enough food and calories to keep me satisfied for 5 hours.

VGML appetizer
VGML appetizer
VGML main course
VGML main course

As I said before, after the meal service, I passed out until we got to San Francisco. The seat does go fully flat, and as long as you’re okay with the slightly narrow/cramped seat, it’s pretty comfortable.

Foot space when fully reclined
Foot space when fully reclined

I’m actually a little disappointed that I slept for most of the flight since the service on this flight was probably the best service I’ve ever had on United. The crew was wonderful, and they did things that I generally only associate with Asian carriers like calling me by name when I deplaned.

I still have yet to fly American’s A321 from JFK to SFO, but United’s ps service is a solid product.

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