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Thailand 2014: EVA Air Evergreen Lounge at Bangkok Airport (BKK)

Cathay Pacific Lounge San Francisco
Cathay Pacific First Class San Francisco to Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific Lounge The Pier Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific Business Class Hong Kong to Bangkok
Millennium Hilton Bangkok
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Le Meridien Chiang Mai
Patara Elephant Farm
Bangkok Airways Economy Class Chiang Mai to Ko Samui
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Bangkok Airways Koh Samui to Bangkok
Thai Airways First Class Check-in and Lounge Bangkok
EVA Air Evergreen Lounge Bangkok
Louis’ Tavern First Class CIP Lounge Bangkok
Singapore SilverKris Lounge Bangkok
Thai Airways First Class Bangkok to Hong Kong
Singapore Airlines Lounge Hong Kong
Thai Airways Lounge Hong Kong
Asiana Business Class Hong Kong to Seoul
Asiana Airlines First Class Lounge Seoul
Asiana Airlines First Class Suites Seoul to New York
United Airlines Business Class PS Service New York to San Francisco

The first lounge on my lounge hopping itinerary was the EVA Air lounge. Given that I’m Taiwanese, I have fond memories of flying EVA to and from Taiwan when I was younger, but I haven’t flown them in 15 years.

The lounge is located near F1, so it’s very, very far from the Thai First Class Lounge and Spa. I’d say it was at least a mile, as it took me about 25 minutes to walk to the EVA lounge from the Thai First Class lounge.

Entrance to the EVA Air Evergreen Lounge
Entrance to the EVA Air Evergreen Lounge

The lounge is basically a large, spacious room with some good plane spotting opportunities as the windows provide a view onto the apron. The lounge was moderately busy as EVA has a number of flights out of BKK (including one that goes on to LHR), but there was plenty of seating.

Lounge is one long, open room
Lounge is one long, open room

The food options were actually pretty good for a business class lounge. There was Swensen’s ice cream, pizza, pad thai, and dim sum, and I thought the quality of food was quite good for what it was. Then again, I have weird food tastes, but I enjoyed everything that I tried, including the pizza with BBQ sauce. They also had Thai iced tea and Johnny Walker Black, which I did not mix but tried separately.

Food options
Food options
More food
More food
Ice cream
Ice cream
More drinks
More drinks

There’s nothing flashy or fancy about the EVA Air lounge, but I think it’s a solid choice, and if my flight were departing from a nearby gate, I’d definitely stop by. Of all of the business class lounges that I visited, I think the EVA Air lounge had the best food, as there was a good (although eclectic) mix of offerings and everything was reasonably tasty. I also enjoy watching planes, and this lounge was one of the better ones for that.


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