The Worst Part About Being an AA Flyer Out of SFO

I’m generally quite content flying AA out of SFO, and I’m much happier flying AA than I ever was flying UA (although I’m sure that the devaluations will come soon for AA and we’ll all be fleeing to nowhere).

But the worst part about flying AA out of SFO for me is the fake red-eyes from SFO to ORD or DFW. I’m sitting in an Admirals Club at DFW as I write this, having just come off AA 1052 which departs SFO at 12:15am and arrives at DFW at 5:35am. Total flight time in the air is just under 3 hours, and taking into account departure and arrival proceedings, it means that you can’t get more than 2.5 hours of sleep on the flight. This does not make me a very happy camper.

Granted, it’s my choice to take these flights. It enables me to connect to morning international departures out of ORD and DFW, and you get so many more miles than connecting through LAX, but I always kind of hate myself when I fly these things. And getting an upgrade to first doesn’t really make it any better.

Oh well, maybe I’ll learn better for next year and stop booking itineraries like this

7 thoughts on “The Worst Part About Being an AA Flyer Out of SFO

  1. Quan

    Ah – I’m strongly considering changing from UA to AA, too. But one of my monthly trips has a direct with UA and not AA. 🙁

    1. EfficientAsianMan

      I think if you’d naturally fly enough to get top tier status, AA is currently significantly better than UA out of SFO. I almost always get upgraded, you get to fly out of T2, and I generally like the service better (and a quarter of the plane also doesn’t have top tier status). But you do have to connect to get to a lot of places, including anywhere international.

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