Lounge Review: Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima Airport (LIM)

My first lounge stop at the Lima airport for my flight back to the US was the Sumaq VIP lounge, which can be accessed via Priority Pass or via status or class of service on American (as well as many other ways, but those were what was applicable to me).

Entrance to the Sumaq VIP lounge

Entrance to the Sumaq VIP lounge

My flight departed at 2:35am, and this lounge was quite busy. It’s essentially one medium-sized room with an outdoor smoking area, but there weren’t that many available seats. Definitely not a place where you can spread out or have much personal space. I generally feel comfortable leaving my stuff unattended in a lounge when I go to the bathroom and such, but I didn’t feel that way here.

Blurry photo of seating

Blurry photo of seating

Crowded business room

Crowded business center

Outdoor smoking area

Outdoor/smoking area

The food options were pretty sad, but the snacks were reasonable. Lots of unhealthy sweet and salty things to eat. They also have showers, although I didn’t check those out, and Inca Kola, which I did try. The refrigerator wasn’t cold, though, so my drink was served at room temperature.

Meager food offerings

Meager food offerings

Orange juice machine!

Orange juice machine! Lacking oranges, though



More food




As for basic requirements of a lounge, the wifi was very slow, and I didn’t see many power outlets, so I imagine it’d be hard to get any work done. Although there weren’t many business-looking types in the lounge, so I don’t know if it matters to people that much. There were manual announcements made by an agent who would walk around the lounge and announce departures.

All in all, it’s fine, but the VIP lounge next door was significantly better because it had many fewer people and essentially the same offerings, so definitely go next door if you’re getting access via Priority Pass.

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