Things I Like: T-Mobile

I never thought I’d say that I like a phone company. I’ve had T-Mobile for a long time, and I honestly hated it for a while, but the changes they’ve been making to try to steal market share from the other three phone carriers are awesome for frequent travelers like myself.

The biggest game changer is the free international data. It’s completely changed the way I travel internationally. Before they added this benefit, I would have to spend a lot more time planning exactly what I wanted to do, all transportation options, dining options near each place I might likely be whenever I get hungry, etc, or else spend a lot of time hunting for wifi. But now I can be a lot more flexible and look things up on the fly, and it’s a lot easier to communicate with other people, so no more buying SIM cards and worrying if your phone is unlocked.

In general, the data speed is decent. I’ve gotten 3G in most major cities.┬áNot fast enough where you want to be spending too much time on your phone, but fast enough to look up directions and check email.

They also recently added an in-flight texting benefit through Gogo, but I still haven’t gotten that to work yet. But free international data should be enough to make you seriously consider trying T-Mobile out if you travel internationally with any regularity.

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