Just Applied for a Chase Ink Bold Card

…and not the Chase Ink Plus. There are rumors that the Ink Bold is going away, and I’ve never had a Chase Ink card, so I figured I might as well try for the Ink Bold.

Yes, everyone is screaming about the Ink Plus right now. 70k UR points is a lot. But they’re not quite as valuable to me as they were in the past since United has devalued, which is why I haven’t rushed to get any of these cards. And while I don’t have any foresight into whether or not the 70k points offer will come back for the Ink Plus, I’m pretty confident that we’ll see 60k point bonuses again, so getting an incremental 10k isn’t that important to me rather than getting an incremental 50k if the Ink Bold were to disappear as a product prior to me ever getting it.

After applying, I got a decision pending screen, so I called the business reconsideration line (1-800-453-9719). The rep didn’t ask any questions–she just put me on hold for a couple of minutes and then came back to say that I was approved. This is possibly because the only Chase card that I have left is the no annual fee Chase Freedom, which I scarcely use unless the 5% category is something that I normally spend lots of money on (i.e. only when it’s restaurants).

And no, I didn’t use anyone’s referral link. Does that make me a bad blogger?

4 thoughts on “Just Applied for a Chase Ink Bold Card

  1. Points With a Crew

    Hey if you need a referral link for the Chase Ink PLus…. just kidding 🙂

    I’m thinking about getting an Ink Bold or also an Ink Plus, but I already have a bunch of Chase cards so don’t know if I should bother.

    One bonus of getting the Ink Plus is that my wife has one and can refer me, making it an *80K* offer, which is pretty dang sweet.

  2. Kathy (Will Run For Miles)

    I’m not following you. I understand that the bold may be going away, but if you’re saying that 70K UR isn’t as valuable as it used to be due to devaluation, and you’re not applying for the Ink Plus for that reason, why on earth would you bother applying for a card that only has a 50K UR bonus?

    1. Edward Post author

      I agree that my sentence structure wasn’t great. What I meant was that I had to choose between the Ink Bold and the Ink Plus to apply for right now since you generally can’t get approved for multiple business cards at once. Since the Ink Bold might be going away, it made more sense for me to apply for it now, since I could get 50k from the Ink Bold now, and then get 60k from the Ink Plus in the future if they have another increased sign-up bonus (so 110k total). If I were to get the Ink Plus now for 70k and the Ink Bold disappeared, then I’d be left with only 70k.


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