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Lounge Review: British Airways Lounge Boston Logan Airport (BOS)

I flew Cathay Pacific out of Boston Logan to Hong Kong, and the flight departed at 1:45am. One benefit of a 1:45am flight out of Boston Logan is that security is pretty empty. The Cathay Pacific flight is the last flight of the night out of Logan out of that terminal.

To get to the British Airways lounge, you go all the way to the left after clearing security and go DOWN the elevator or stairs. You then walk down a creepy-ish hallway past the Virgin Atlantic Club House, the Lufthansa lounges, and the Aer Lingus lounge, until you get to the BA lounge. The right-hand side of the lounge is the “first class” side; the left hand is for business class. While the first class side has nicer furniture, if you’re in this lounge for the Cathay Pacific flight, the food options are larger the same on both sides since the dining rooms are closed.

Sign pointing the way to the lounges
Long hallway of lounges
Computer workstations

When the dining rooms are closed, there actually isn’t that much seating in the lounge. It’s just a small room, and so many of the chairs were facing toward the center of the room, so it was kinda like you were just looking at each other.

Closed dining area

In terms of food for the Cathay departure, there was no hot food. Instead, they had sandwiches, cookies, crudites/hummus/things like that, chips/crisps, and snack mixes. Fine if you’re a little hungry, but nothing special.

Cookies and crisps
Alcohol selection
Wines and snacks
Tea and coffee

After checking out the first class side, I also took a look at the business class side. Again, for the Cathay departure, the two sides offer essentially the same food options, but the furniture looks more dated on the business class side. The business class side did have bathrooms, and it felt like there was slightly more privacy because there was a wall in the middle of the lounge, so everyone wasn’t just looking at each other.

More seating
Business class food
Business class seating

Overall, it’s nothing to get excited about, but the wifi worked, and there were snacks if you were peckish. I’d be interested in checking this lounge out again when the dining rooms are open.


  1. This is totally out of date! The new BA lounge is very nice and does only have a separate dining area for first class.

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