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Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge Langkawi Airport (LGK)

To depart Langkawi, I had booked the 8:55am Air Asia flight to Singapore, which was the first flight of the day to depart out of LGK. Given that I had a rental car to return, I got to the airport a  little early and ended up in the terminal at 7:15am, but nothing was really open. You couldn’t get past bag check to check bags until around 7:25am, and the immigration checkpoint didn’t open until around 7:40am.

According to the Priority Pass website, there’s a Plaza Premium lounge and cafe prior to immigration, although really it’s just a cafe, so I’m not sure what the lounge aspect is. But past immigration and prior to security is an actual Plaza Premium lounge. I got access via Priority pass.

a sign in front of a restaurant
Entrance to the lounge

The lounge is just a small room with plenty of seats. There were lots of outlets near the seats, and there were a couple of computers to use as well.

a room with a television and chairs
a room with chairs and tables
More seating and food area
a row of computers on a counter
people standing in a lobby
Security line in front of the lounge

There’s also a shower in the bathroom. I don’t know when the last time someone used it is, but it could be useful?

a shower with a green door

The food options were a little sad. In the fridge, there was yogurt, disgusting-looking salad, soft drinks, soy milk, and water. There was no alcohol in sight, which I guess makes sense for Langkawi.

a refrigerator full of cans and cans

For food, there was congee, some fried noodles, baked beans, bread, and fruit.

a tray of food and a bowl of beans
Hot food
a breakfast buffet with apples and bread
a black container with food on it

This lounge is not at all worth spending extra time to visit, but hey, it still beats sitting at the gate.


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