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Lounge Review: SATS Premier Lounge Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 (SIN)

The SATS Premier Lounge at Singapore Changi airport Terminal 2 is located near the Singapore Airlines lounge and the DBS Asia Treasures lounge (and apparently a defunct Malaysia Airlines lounge). This lounge is accessible via Priority Pass, which is how I got in.

a sign on a wall
Entrance to the lounge

The lounge has lots of seating with lots of outlets, which is always appreciated. There are some skinny cubbies to work in, there are some sections for groups, there are two massage chairs, there is a dining area with tables and long communal tables, and there’s even a first-class section that was roped off when I visited.

a group of people sitting in a room with computers
Lounge seating
a group of people in a room with chairs
a massage chair with a black cushion
Massage chair
a reserved sign in a room
Roped off section
a room with chairs and a table
More seating
a booth with a light on the wall
Cubbies for working

There are showers in the bathroom, as well.

a shower with a glass door

The food options are pretty good for a Priority Pass lounge. There was dim sum and congee, a variety of hot foods like stir-friend noodles, curries, and self-serve laksa. I tried some of the fried noodles, tofu stir fry, vegetable curry, and rice, which were all edible (albeit salty). There were also sandwiches, salads, yogurt, cereal, fruit, and breads for breakfast. For drinks ,there was the typical selection of soda, beer, wine, liquor, coffee, and tea.

food in a buffet line
Hot food options
food in bowls on a table
More hot food
a shelf with bowls of soup and a sign
Self service laksa
a food on a counter
Self service laksa continued
a refrigerator full of cans and glasses
bottles and bottles of alcohol on a counter
a tray of food on a counter
a salad bar with different bowls of vegetables and a glass of milk
food on a table
Dim sum and congee
a long rectangular table with lamps on it
Seating in eating area
a buffet table with food on it
Dessert and fruit
a coffee machine and other items on a counter
a cake with strawberries on top

This lounge isn’t fancy, but it’s very functional and a good Priority Pass lounge. Lots of seating and electrical outlets, decent food options, and they even have massage chairs. The one critique is that I found the wifi to be slow, but everything else was pretty solid.

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