An Amusing Aspect to Writing a Blog

Writing this blog is a labor of love: it’s a lot of work to post regularly, and I don’t really make any money from it (if only I had enough traffic to pimp credit cards…). But one thing I’ve enjoyed is looking at the search terms that direct people to my blog.

Many of them are what I expect: there are lots of search terms that direct people to my trip report about US Airways Envoy Class, since many of the main bloggers hadn’t/haven’t flown that product, and there aren’t that many trip reports posted online; I also seem to win a lot of searches about Asiana Airlines with regards to their blackout dates for awards or Quadra Smartium routes. I wrote these posts largely because I didn’t find reliable or easily accessible sources for this data elsewhere, and I’m glad that other people are finding them helpful.

What I didn’t expect to get clicks from are search terms like “asian man massage” (as an FYI, googling that is generally NSFW). I don’t even understand how someone found my blog by searching that term since I’m not even in the first 10 pages of Google results, but it happened. The internet is a crazy place sometimes.

I did discover that I am currently the number one search result on Google for “asian massage reject asian men”, and I appear on the third page for “massage male korean scrub toronto man massage”. Maybe I should stop posting about my massage experiences, as I doubt that the people who clicked on those links were satisfied with what they found on my blog. Or maybe I should encourage this and try to post more link bait?

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