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Burn, United (Miles), Burn: Business Traveler’s Lounge Beijing (PEK)

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Business Traveler’s Lounge Beijing (PEK)
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I wasn’t originally planning on stopping by this “lounge”, but I saw in the Priority Pass mobile app that there was something called the Business Traveler’s Lounge that was just one gate over from my next flight, so I decided to head up.

Entrance to the lounge
Entrance to the lounge near gate E10

I say “lounge” in quotation marks because it’s really just the reception area of a transit hotel. The space is primarily used as an hourly hotel where you can stay if you have a lengthy layover, and it’s clear that they don’t get many Priority Pass visitors because even though they had a sign, the people at the reception desk had a hard time figuring out what to do with me.

Very odd choice of decor
Very odd choice of decor

The lounge area is just a seating area consisting of kitschy, old-fashioned decor and a small food area. As opposed to the open-air, light-filled lounges that I had already visited, this lounge was sad and depressing as there were no windows or natural light.

I was curious about the food and drink options, but besides a large number of packaged snacks, there wasn’t much on offer. While there was a purported menu, most of the hot food trays were empty. I’m not sure if this was just because of the time of day that I was there, or if it was more due to the fact that this lounge area probably doesn’t get much traffic so they don’t stock it regularly.

Supposed food menu
Supposed food menu
Lots of packaged snacks
Lots of packaged snacks
Not much hot food
Not much hot food

The lounge has its own wifi, which is slightly novel as the other lounges relied on the airport’s wifi which requires you to use your passport to get a code if you’re a foreign national. But after sitting for less than 5 minutes and overhearing an irate hotel guest yelling at the reception agents about a non-working TV, I decided to leave and just go to the gate. Overall, not a place I’d recommend going, and I’m not sure why it’s even part of the Priority Pass program.

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