Travel Stories from an Asian Man #8

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Here are some snippets of conversation from one of my recent flights from Hong Kong (well, at least more recent than the current trip report I’m finishing). Just to be clear, I don’t think there’s anything malicious in what she said, and I’m writing about this merely because I found it amusing.

Seat mate: “So, are you traveling to the US or heading home?”
Me: “I’m heading home”
Seat mate: “I believe that–your accent is really good”
Me: “Thanks, I was born in the US”

Seat mate: “I had an awesome meal at the Hong Kong airport before the flight”
Me (perking up for a conversation about food): “Where did you eat?”
Seat mate: “Spaghetti House!”
Me: “…I’ve never heard of that place. What kind of food do they serve?”
Seat mate: “Italian food”
Me: “I didn’t realize that Italian food in Hong Kong would be so good”
Seat mate: “Didn’t you know that your people invented spaghetti?”

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