Travel Stories from an Asian Man #9

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In Cape Town, my sister and I ended up taking a minibus to get to a restaurant that was a little off the beaten path. Every white person that we spoke to in Cape Town told us that we shouldn’t take the minibuses because they weren’t safe, but it was honestly one of the best public transportation experiences I’ve had. The other passengers were super friendly, they made sure that we got where we needed to go and weren’t overcharged, and it was super cheap. See this post about South African minibuses for more information about them.

One thing about minibuses is that they don’t leave until they’re full. And so as we waited in a minibus, a man came up to the door and started talking to me. He was slurring a bit, so I had a little trouble understanding him, but here’s the gist of the conversation.

Him: Where are you from?
Me: The United States
Him: You look pretty Asian to me
Me: …
Him: You must know kung fu!
Me: Um
Him: Yes, kung fu! You can help me get revenge on this guy. You can help me beat him up.

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