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Review: Plaza Premium Lounge KUL

The Plaza Premium Lounge at Kuala International Airport opened up relatively recently, but it’s a pretty standard Plaza Premium Lounge in Asia (that is to say, pretty solid for an international lounge that you can access via Priority Pass).

a sign in a building
Entrance to the lounge

There’s plenty of seating in the lounge, although the lounge was decently busy when I visited. There could definitely be more power outlets, as a number of the seating options don’t have anywhere to plug into. The showers were also out of service when I visited.

a room with tables and chairs
a group of people sitting in a lounge
a bar with bottles of liquor on the counter

In terms of food, there was a decent selection. Some of the options were super Asian (e.g., Hainanese chicken rice, sweetened barley soup, kuih), which I appreciated. The kuih (a general term for Malaysian/Singaporean bite-sized desserts that are often made with glutinous rice flour and are often vegan) were located at the bar, and you couldn’t serve yourself–you had to ask the bartender to get you some. Maybe that’s to prevent people like me from bingeing on them.

a machine with a drink dispenser next to it
a cooler with many cans of soda and water
a buffet table with different food items
Condiments for chicken rice
a pans of food on a stove
Fried noodles and vegetables
a kitchen with a counter and a sink and food
Made-to-order noodles
a trays of food on a counter
a kitchen counter with pots and pans
Soups and porridge
a group of plates of desserts on a table

Overall, this is a solid lounge offering, especially since it’s accessible via Priority Pass. I imagine the renovated Malaysia Airlines lounges will be nicer once they reopen, but this is a decent alternative in the international area in the interim.


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