I enjoyed reading this post about traveling as a Muslim

From a fellow Prior2Boarding blogger: http://travelsummary.com/traveling-as-a-muslim-is-the-worst/

I’ve posted in the past about my (sillier) experiences traveling as an Asian American: #1, #2, #3, #4#5#6#7#8#9, and #10. I feel fortunate that most immigration officers just let me through, even when I have crazy one-way itineraries and am flights to nowhere.

2 thoughts on “I enjoyed reading this post about traveling as a Muslim

  1. 02nz

    The only thing “efficient” about your blog is the regularity with which old posts pop up on the BoardingArea home page, which doesn’t seem to happen with any other BoardingArea blogger.

  2. Joey

    Yea I just saw the post on the BoardingArea blog again. If old posts are just popping up, I doubt I’ll go to the BA site directly anymore. Nowadays I do tend to directly go to the webpage of the bloggers who I regularly read. I like the writing of Travel Summary, but at the same time, never does it state the religion of a person on US passport.


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